King of the Fruits?

This Spring we have a fresh take on fruit and the popularity of plant-based dishes setting a trend across the foodservice and retail markets. Set to be the ‘king of fruits’ this summer, Mango is storming the foodservice world adding depth and diversity to sweet and savoury dishes as its popularity grows.

The vibrant flavour of Mango is most often paired with neutral proteins such as fish and chicken however with the rise of Veganism and our knowledge of plant-based meals expanding, Tofu can also work as the perfect accompaniment. Excitingly we are learning more about its ability to complement savoury dishes rather than traditionally sweet options. The ‘king of fruits’ has stepped into another dimension as developers now recognise the potential for enhancing condiments and dressings, street foods, breakfast, plant-based and healthy menus.

One of those to step into the limelight with an innovative new mango product is Rich Sauces with their Alfee’s Sweet Mango Curry Sauce. Enhanced by chilli this sweet and fruity curry sauce is set to become a staple for Chef’s looking to transform their summer menus. Unlike other fruit-based sauces that are on the market, Alfee’s use fresh Alphonso Mango freshly pulped instead of using a coulis or jus, keeping the natural mango flavour throughout.

Alphonso mangoes are a seasonal fruit, considered to be one of the most superior varieties in the world in terms of sweetness and richness of flavour. These mangoes have a rich, creamy and tender texture lending themselves perfectly to this sweet and spicy sauce. Whilst this sauce makes for a faultless summer curry with fish, chicken or tofu there are endless opportunities to apply the Sweet Mango Curry Sauce throughout your menu beyond the use of a typical marinade.

For Vegetarian or Vegan menus the Sweet Mango Curry Sauce works extremely well with chick peas, cashew nuts, spinach and tofu either in a traditional hot curry format or alternatively in a super-food salad as it can be used in both hot and cold application. Bring theatre to the table by spicing up traditional meals with the Sweet Mango Curry Sauce and transform fish and chips with a jug of hot sauce on the side to add depth and flavour or use cold as a dressing to bring excitement to your salad. You can also cut with lime juice and olive oil or mix in with mayonnaise to create a fruity coronation filling.

Fulfil demand for the ever-popular snacking culture using the Sweet Mango Curry Sauce as a simple dip to go with homemade chicken goujons or fried halloumi providing both meat and vegetarian options on your menu. These quick and easy dishes are ideal for the snacking trend of today and would also make a great contribution to any sharing platter.

Alfee’s Sweet Mango Curry sauce is set to be the next biggest thing, with many application areas this diverse product is a must have for your summer menu. Why don’t you give it a try, speak to your rep or contact telesales to add it to your next order on 01935 810210.